3 easy steps for installing  your mural

3 easy steps for installing your mural



Are you longing to revamp your decor but don’t want the hassle ?  Our murals are easy to install and mess free. All our vinyls are self-adhesive so there is no need for glue or water.  Here are 3 easy steps to successfully installing our murals.

EASY STEP #1: Preparing the Installation of your Mural

Have you already chosen and ordered your mural from our website ? 

Before beginning the installation follow the following steps.

You will need:

Preparing the surface

Ensure that the wall is smooth and clean. Sandpaper can be used to remove any imperfections like drips of paint. When you are done use a damp cloth to remove the dust and residue from the wall. 

You should remove the plastic covers from the electrical sockets to ensure a perfect finish.

EASY STEP #2: Placing your mural

This next step leaves a large margin for error. If you are not happy with the initial placement of your mural, it can be easily moved without damaging your wall or the mural.

Unwrap the mural.

Always begin with the mural tile in the center of the roll but they are labelled just in case. 

Begin your temporary installation.

Unroll tile #1 and secure it in place with masking or painters tape. It is not yet time to remove the paper backing. Place the top left corner of your mural in the top left corner of the wall.

Check to see if your mural is level.

Place your level vertically on the side of your 1st tile to ensure that it is straight. Do not rely on your walls but on your mural tile.

EASY STEP #3: It is now time to install

Now that your 1st tile is secured in place with tape and level, you can begin installing. 

Thanks to our simple tips you will be able to install this like a pro !

Pro's tip #1 :

Beginning at the top of your first panel, you will separate the adhesive mural from the paper backing. Peel back about 4 inches then cut away the paper backing. Use your application spatula to apply the mural to the wall.

Pro's tip #2 :

Remove the masking tape. 

Roll up the mural from the bottom towards the top until you can reach the top of the paper underneath. Pull the paper down slowly about 12 inches at a time and apply the mural to the wall with your application spatula. Continue the sequence until you reach the bottom of your tile.

Pro's tip #3 :

If any bubbles form you can easily pierce them with a needle and press the air out with warm fingers. Cut around the electrical outlets with your exacto style knife making sure to not remove too much vinyl. You do not want to see the paint when you reinstall the plastic covers.

The same sequence applies to the installation of all the tiles. Tile 2 will overlap over tile 1 by 0.5”, tile 3 will overlap over tile 2 by 0.5 “ and so on. 

When you are done, cut away any excess with your knife and tada ! You are done ! 

So, get started ! What are you waiting for ? 


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