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3 interior design secrets for your commercial space

This week, Décor Imprimé is talking to Mélanie Dagenais, interior designer and founder of MD Design. Mélanie specializes in commercial, residential and industrial interior design. «What inspires me the most in the design process is optimizing every square foot of space.», explains Mélanie. She loves working with local business owners who want their interior space to be appealing to both their customers and their team.

Mélanie’s first mission when beginning a project is to listen. She wants to understand the personality of a business and it’s team, what they represent and  who their customers are. She is equipped to create a decor that reflects not only the values of a business but one that answers the needs of the team as well. In this article, you will discover her design tips to creating functional and aesthetic commercial space.

Adopt a design that will satisfy your customers

Business owners often invest in the design of their business space with the objective of attracting customers; an important aspect of course. Using an Interior Designer like Mélanie Dagenais will give you access to know-how that creates space that is both beautiful and functional.

Interior Designer Tip 

It is important to analyze the flow of potential customers, from arrival to purchase. With the proper use of the tricks up Mélanie’s sleeve they can be subtly guided to different areas of the space. The use of floor and wall finishes and the placement of  logos and pictograms facilitate the shopping experience, whether it be for a new customer or for a regular. The customers must be able to spot the different zones of your space at first glance.

Optimize Teamwork

Every employer wants to increase their employee retention rate.  Mélanie Dagenais points out that her role also encourages a quality work environment that can help attain this objective. An interior designer converts space into added value for employees. Work space is optimized both in square feet and practicality all while ensuring ergonomic workstations and the proximity to colleagues.  

Interior Designer Tip

Mélanie emphasises that strategic office placement is essential. By ensuring adequate proximity between team members, you create conditions for verbal and visual communication that is as fast and efficient as it is effective. 

It is for this reason that Mélanie Dagenais rely’s often on glass partitions even for closed offices. The interior designer points out that glass has an interesting potential: it allows for decorative printed film, the partitions are multifunctional, it can support erasable markers, etc. Glass is a very versatile and elegant solution.

Build Your Brand

As an interior designer, Mélanie recommends that her clients develop an interior decor that incorporates the company’s identity. This design approach to branding can have several functions. Just like a logo, the design elements in your commercial space will allow your customers to easily recognize your image.  The feelings customers get when they enter your business should be as personalised as they would be if they were entering your home and integrating a company's identity into its decor will allow it to stand out from the competition and create a unique DNA that is as important as your packaging and your customer service. 

Interior Designer Tip

Use all five senses! A good design clearly requires the sense of sight and the choice of background will determine a customer's mood and frame of mind. Most businesses apply these principles. What about the sense of touch ? A pleasant tactile experience is not to be neglected. It can be as accessible as providing comfortable seating and quality finishes. 

To stimulate the sense of smell, consider a characteristic scent in your business that will be part of your brand. Last but not least, if your activities allow, consider offering drinks and snacks to your customers.


Mélanie Dagenais offers comprehensive design services that include the development of plans (layout, floor and wall finishes, coordination of electrical outlets) and assistance with the selection of furniture, both prefabricated and custom made. As an interior designer, Mélanie will create a decor that respects your company’s brand and values in a manner that optimizes space and efficiency.  

You can find Melanie's work on her website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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