3 interior designer secrets for your commercial space

3 interior designer secrets for your commercial space

This week, Decor Print is talking to Mélanie Dagenais, interior designer at MD Design who specializes in commercial, residential and industrial décor. "What inspires me most in design is the optimization of the square foot," explains Melanie. She loves working with local business leaders who want business interiors that are fully satisfying for their customers as well as for their teams. 

Its mission is first of all to listen. Melanie is always trying to understand who you are as an organization, who your customers and employees are. It is equipped to create decorations that reflect your values and needs. In this article, you will discover his designer tricks to create a commercial space as functional as aesthetic.

Adopt a design to satisfy your customers

Often, a business owner invests in the design of his or her commercial space first to attract customers. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, an interior designer like Mélanie Dagenais then works on the functionality of each space.

Interior designer trick

We analyze the flow of potential customers, from arrival to purchase. They are guided to the different areas of space with discreet tricks. For this, Melanie has more than one trick in her bag. Floor finishes, wall finishes, applied logos or pictograms make the shopping experience easier, whether for a new customer or a regular. The customer should be able to spot the different areas of your space at first glance.

Optimize your teamwork

Every employer dreams of increasing the retention rate of its employees. Mélanie Dagenais stresses that her role also facilitates the achievement of this goal. Indeed, the interior designer converts the space into added value for employees. It optimizes the surface of the company by ensuring the practicality of everything and ensures, among other things, the ergonomics of the workstations and the proximity of the team members.

Interior designer trick

Mélanie reminds us that the strategic location of offices is essential. By ensuring sufficient closeness between employees, you create the conditions for verbal and visual communication that is as fast as it is effective.

It is for this reason that Mélanie Dagenais relies heavily on glass, even for closed offices. The interior designer points out that this material has an interesting potential: transparent wall appliques,multifunctional partitions, windows adapted to eraseable markers... Glass is a versatile solution.

Enforce your brand image

As an interior designer, Mélanie recommends that her clients develop an interior that integrates with the company's identity. This design identity can have several functions. Just like your logo, your business interior will allow your customers to easily recognize you and regain the same feeling when entering your home. It will allow you to stand out from the competition and create a DNA as important as the packaging of your products or your customer service.

Interior designer trick

Use the five senses! It is obvious that a good design requires the customer's view and that a musical score suggests a particular state of mind. Most businesses apply these principles. In addition, don't neglect the touch, both by making the products accessible and by offering a pleasant touch experience (comfortable seats, quality finish...).

To stimulate your sense of smell, consider spreading a characteristic scent in your business that will be part of your brand image. The icing on the cake? Depending on the nature of your activities, consider offering drinks and snacks to your customers to complete the experience. By creating an environment that appeals to all the senses and can be found in all your branches, you strengthen your brand image.


Mélanie Dagenais offers comprehensive design services that include the development of plans (development, floor finishes and walls, coordination of electrical outlets) and assistance in choosing furniture to buy or custom. As an interior designer, Melanie produces spaces that respect your brand image and amenities that honor your needs and values.

You can find Melanie's work on her website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.