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3 tricks to create an inviting homework space for your kids

Is it already the end of August ? Well, yes it is. You know what that means. Back to school !  

With this in mind, here are three tips for creating a homework space for your kids that is as inviting and it is comfortable. Back to school can be stressful for our little one (and the big ones). Hopefully this will help !

1- Designate a space that is only for homework and studying

Whether it be in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom, it is important that there be a space designated for homework. This place should be far from distractions like screens and toys but more importantly, it must be inviting. Avoid corners! Put yourself in their shoes. Would you enjoy working in a corner, facing a wall, with no sunlight ?

If your space is limited and this option is impossible, you could use a basket that contains everything your child will need to do their homework or study. This basket will represent homework time because it is the only time when it will be used. IKEA has some great options like RÅSKOGthe HORNAVAN and the RISATORP.


2- Adapt the space to the needs and tastes of your child

Once you have decided where the space will be, the next step is to adapt the space for your child. It is important to consider your child's height when choosing a desk and a chair. IKEA is once again a great option for children of all ages and heights. We have a weakness for the FLISAT collection and particularly the collections that offer integrated storage.

Decor of the space should be inviting, comfortable and practical. The space should encourage calmness and concentration. Use colours they love, books, crayons and colourful papers. Their drawings and family photos would be a nice touc

3- Help your child organise with visuel tools

Homework time can cause anxiety and frustration for lots of kids ( and their parents !) Being as organised as possible can help. Visual tools like schedules, calendars and lists are accessible and easy tools to use.  

Being as clear and concise about tasks can help relieve stress caused by unclear expectations and checking completed tasks off a list is very valorising for kids of all ages !  

There are many fun organisational tools for kids. Here are some of our favorites.

All the chalkboard decals in our collection


    You now have some tools to help create a space where your child can feel organised and motivated to do homework at home. Homework will never have been so fun ! 

    Happy back to school !

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