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3 tips for decorating without breaking the bank

Redecorating a room in your home can be expensive. You have to consider the price of paint, furniture, accessories, lighting, curtains, carpets, etc. The shopping list can get very long very quickly and it will all add up fast.

Here are a few decorating hints so that you don’t have to choose between what you love and your budget.

Buy second-hand

Whether you are shopping in a second hand boutique, in an antique shop, in the classifieds or in the garbage (oh what treasures can be found !), you will likely stumble on fantastic pieces for your new decor. If you keep an open mind and stay creative, you will be pleasantly surprised !

The best advice we could give you about shopping for second hand items is to begin with accessories.  Antique shops and second hand boutiques are treasure troves for decorative accessories like vases, picture frames, and lamps. You will surely find some spectacular items to decorate your room for the fraction of the price.

Source: Value Village 

Facebook marketplace: our favorite!

Marketplace is integrated directly into Facebook and allows you to shop for second hand items directly from your home. 

Transform what you already have

Why buy new when you can revamp what you already have ?  You don't like your mirror anymore ? Paint it, move it or simply take it down. The colour of your cushions is outdated ? You don't need to change them. Just change the fabric and sew them yourself. 

Our best idea yet: Makeover your furniture with wallpaper!

How about applying decorative wallpaper to your bookshelves, the drawers of a dresser or the top of your desk ? Wallpaper is an affordable option to change your decor and it is easy to install. There are lots of inspirational ideas on our Pinterest Pinboard .


Wall Decor

Instead of repainting or installing a textured covering on your wall, like barn wood or plaster, consider installing wall decor. For example, you can put up some shelving (and decorate with some of the great accessories you found while shopping in second hand boutiques and antique shops !!) , a miroir, plants and even some new lighting. 


Our ''Coup de Cœur''

Self-adhesive wall decals ! Wall decals are available in a panoply of designs, colours and sizes and they can be easily removed without damaging your wall (perfect for renters !)  Our collection of wall decals has something for everyone and once you find the one that is perfect for your new decor you can take advantage of our free shipping.


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