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3 tips to transform your dorm room

The school year is approaching.

Yes, yes, already.

But for you, it's a great adventure that's starting!

You are leaving the family nest to study far away from home.
This is a whole new stage in your life. You will meet new people, discover a new city, and most importantly, live in a new place.

Student residences are often not very aesthetically pleasing and up to date. They are practical spaces, but not very inviting if you look at the white walls, the wood furniture and the industrial lighting.
If you want to personalize your future living space easily and inexpensively, I suggest you follow these 3 tips:

1. Create a focal point 

To personalize a space, there is nothing better than to include a central element. Whether it's an object, a piece of furniture or a wall decoration, this focal point needs to be big, colorful and steal the show. You want this element to be the first one seen when we enter your room!

Since a dorm room is often small, prioritize the walls to create the centerpiece of your room.

Use a huge frame, like a canvas canvas, wall-to-wall shelves, or wallpaper. wallpaper. The choices of patterns and designs are endless, you're sure to find something you like!

Décor Imprimé | Daphne Mural

Décor Imprimé | Wall decal, Paul

2. Choose a Colour palette

The trick to trying to get rid of the Colour of the floors you don't like or the fake wood on the bed is to include the colors of that floor in your Colour palette. Yes, yes, you heard me right! For example, if your floor is green, include a few decorative elements in shades of green, such as a cushion or a frame. This will create a visual uniformity that will make you forget the Colour of the floor.

Don't forget to choose between 3 to 5 colors maximum, otherwise you will find your environment too stimulating.

Décor Imprimé | Linéa wallpaper

3. Delineates the different spaces

Just because the room in your home is small doesn't mean it doesn't have multiple functions. In fact, in one room you will probably have your bedroom, office and kitchen.

A good way to personalize a small space is to delineate the different functions.

For example, use a wall decal to place over your bed, add a curtain between your kitchen and your office and install a slate sticker in your office area. Not only does it separate this space from the rest of the room, it's practical! You can use it to write down your appointments and exam dates (more on that here).

Décor Imprimé | Cleo Slate Sticker

Décor Imprimé | Wildflowers Wall Stickers

Even if the place you're about to move into is temporary, you'll appreciate it more if it's a place that reflects you. Welcome back to class!

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