August's artist of the month: Leslie Passerino

Despite the sunshine and the warm summer days, there is no denying that the school year is fast approaching!

Not to worry ! We have no interest in talking to you about school supplies and lunch boxes. We are want to introduce you and your family to some ways to make back-to-school fun and organized at the same time !

With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to August's artist of the month, Leslie Passerino. This school year we wanted to look beyond the walls of your home. Why not decorate your classroom, daycare, teacher's lounge and school hallways?

Leslie's style is perfectly versatile. It is colourful, playful, whimsical and brimming with gentle illustrations.

Leslie has several strings to her bow. A talented illustrator, she has specialized in textiles and since her arrival from France in 2001, with her husband, 3 children and 4 cats, Leslie has focused on developing her characters. 

She is particularly fond of illustrations for children. Her work is used internationally in children clothing lines.

To debut her collection, Leslie has created 5 sets of wall decals. Easier to install than wallpaper, you can place them according to your taste and needs in your classroom, in the reading nook or in your play area at daycare.


This set lives up to its name! Use it to identify where backpacks, lunch boxes and homework will be stored.

Décor Imprimé | Back-to-school wall decals

Back-to-school wall decal set

Wake Up and Smile

Introduce the day's weather to your students with these charming Wake Up and Smile stickers featuring clouds, rainbows and suns.

Décor Imprimé | Wake Up and Smile wall decals

Wake up and smile wall stickers

Bee Loved

Start every day on the right foot with Bee Loved stickers and the bees' contagious smiles !

Place them together to create a focal point or use them individually to identify specific locations in your classroom.

Décor Imprimé | Bee Loved Wall Stickers

Bee Loved wall stickers

Little Monsters

You will never have been so charmed by monsters ! These cute characters are perfect to decorate your child's room or daycare.

Décor Imprimé | Little Monsters Wall Stickers

Little Monsters wall stickers

Hello Sea

Take a trip to the bottom of the ocean with this Hello Sea wall sticker set. Get the kids involved and have them create their own seabed at school.

Décor Imprimé | Hello Sea wall stickers

Hello sea wall stickers

You can see Leslie's collection on our website. If you would like to learn more about the artist, feel free to visit her website or check out her Instagram.

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