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Artist of the month: Régine Apollon of Kaméléon Atelier

It was by pure chance that we met the interior designer, Régine Apollon. Attracted by the charm of her shop window, our Artistic Director, Fannie, entered her boutique on Turgeon Street in Ste-Thérèse in the fall of 2020. Intrigued by our company's logo on Fannie's jacket, a conversation sparked. Régine was immediately interested in our products, our custom design service and our companies mission to put local artists in the spotlight. She had been looking for a company that could illustrate her many ideas, including wallpaper that appeals to men, something proving difficult to find on the market.

Since that day, we have worked with Régine on several occasions, both for design projects and for display solutions in her shop. Each collaboration has heightened our appreciation for her professionalism, her endless creativity and her outstanding design sense. It was a given that that her many design ideas should become reality. 

Photo credit: Facebook Kaméléon Atelier MRKT

Who is Régine?

After working for years in the communications field, Régine decided to return to school to pursue what makes her tick: architecture and design. In 2014, she opened her own design firm, and in 2018 she cut the ribbon on her boutique Kaméléon Atelier in Old Sainte-Thérèse. Product design, like custom wallpaper,  became a part of her portfolio when she was not able to find what she needed on the market for her collections. 

Photo credit: Facebook Kaméléon Atelier MRKT

Kaméléon Atelier

If you have design needs, you will find everything under one roof at Kaméléon Atelier. In addition to offering complete architectural design services for both residential and commercial projects, products are also available both in the boutique and via her online shop.

For Régine, it is essential that a space be welcoming, functional, ergonomic and that it represent the person who spends time there. She approaches every new design project with this in mind. She doesn't design a space with the cover of a magazine in mind. First and foremost, she wants to meet the needs of her client. It is a very personal and intimate process for her. She respectfully welcomes  the fact that her clients let her enter their personal space; their intimacy.

"Often, clients don't really know how to verbalise what they are looking for or what they even want. They rely on images seen on the internet, in magazines or on television. But these images do not always correspond to their lifestyle or the architectural style of the space. With experience, through meetings and by learning to ask the right questions, we are able to really identify their needs and desires. One of the places I go to "snoop" and find out more about the clients' tastes is their closet. It's where you really find out about their different personalities and certainly what annoys them. Shoes can certainly say a lot about a person..."

An eclectic style

Inspiration board created by Régine for the development of her collection

Inspired by Brazilian modernism and contemporary African fashion, Régine loves to mix different trends to create a timeless and contemporary space. Specifically, she loves Brazilian architecture, characterized by natural materials, mixed textures, milky hues and patterns that can be used in both masculine and feminine spaces.

An Afro-modern collection

For her first collection, Régine presents no less than 19 (!!) designs, available in various colours, sizes and orientations. 

Her designs, inspired by African art, are at once graphic, minimalist and sophisticated. In fact, she says that when an unsaturated colour is applied to a busy pattern, it instantly softens for a renewed and refreshing look.

We are so very pleased to present these motifs, which have become design essentials for us: simple, classic and yet refined geometric shapes!

Bazaar wallpaper mural

Bazaar, available in 6 colours

Boké wallpaper mural

Boké, available in 6 colours.

Boulevard wallpaper mural

Boulevard, available in 9 colours.

Djenn wallpaper mural

Djenn, available in 6 colours and 2 sizes.

Houndstooth wallpaper mural

Houndstooth, available in 9 colours and 2 sizes.

Villa wallpaper mural

Villa, available in 9 colours and 3 sizes.

To see her complete collection, click HERE.

Kaméléon Workshop by Régine Apollon: https://kameleon-mtl.com/
Her online shop: https://kameleonateliermrkt.com/
To follow her on social networks: @kameleonateliermrkt @regineapollon
To see her wallpaper collection: https://decorimprime.com/collections/regine-apollon

A special thanks to Régine for her contribution to the article!

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