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May's Artist of the Month: Marie-Eve Turgeon

This month, we are over-joyed to introduce you to an artist who's name should be shouted from the roof tops. 

Although Marie-Eve Turgeon has been an artist since she was very young, it wasn't until she was in her thirties that she left the art of baking and dedicate her time to her illustrations. Living in the Laurentian's, it is no surprise that her work is largely inspired by the landscape.

Illustrations that make you go Hmmmmmm...

A perseverant woman who is proud of her convictions, Marie-Eve uses her art to convey messages of hope and to pay tribute to the women who inspire her. Her talent rests in her ability to portray the tragedies of our times with softness and demeanour.  

Marie-Eve Turgeon | Violence Against Women / Fédération des femmes du Québec Marie-Eve Turgeon | Instagram | Justice for Joyce Marie-Eve Turgeon | Instagram | International Women's Rights Day

Sources: Illustration Québec / Marie-Eve Turgeon

She frequently initiates challenges in which she shares one illustration per week. For example, the #52women project, during which she shared a portrait of one woman per week for the entire year of 2020.

An arch in honour Spring

When we approached Marie-Eve, we thought it would be appropriate to launch her collection in the spring, to inaugurate the changing of the season. Her use of pastels and floral elements alongside transparency and fluidity portray what the warm months of the year feel like.

When Marie-Eve suggested that we create wall decals in the shape of an arch with flowers and other motifs inside. It is like she has read our minds. We had been talking about that exact design for a while. 

Her collection is mainly composed of wall decals in the shape of arches and circles, all adorned with beautiful flowers, birds and landscapes. They will add a lovely touch of colour and life to a small space or a neglected corner of your home.

Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | wall decal Minerve Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | wall decal Oka

Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | wall decal Huguette Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | wall decal Cap chat

From left to right: Minerva, Oka, Huguette and Cap chatwall stickers

His collection also contains wallpaper patterns, sometimes coloured, sometimes monochrome. We particularly appreciate his technical work, which allows for almost no repetition in his pattern.

Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | Pousse-pousse wallpaper Décor Imprimé X Marie-Eve Turgeon | Camille Wallpaper

From left to right: Pousse-pousse and Camillewallpaper

Whether it's to decorate your reading corner, the living room or the office, Marie-Eve Turgeon's stickers and designs will certainly bring calm and serenity to your space.

To see Marie-Eve's entire collection, click HERE.

To discover more of Marie-Eve's work:
Instagram: @marie_eve_illustration
Facebook: Marie-Eve Turgeon Illustration
Illustration Quebec: Marie-Eve Turgeon
Her collection of stickers and wallpapers: Marie-Eve Turgeon X Décor Imprimé

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