January's Artist of the Month: Jean-Simon Bégin

You already knew that Décor Imprimé's mission is to promote local artists. Did you know that we have introduced you to over twenty unique and talented artists ? 

Throughout 2022, we will continue to offer access to the creative worlds' of our carefully chosen artists. Each month will host a new featured artist that you can discover via our blog, newsletter, social media platforms and our website. 

The month of January is pleased to present Jean-Simon Bégin. This wildlife photographer has been excelling at his craft for over 20 years. Through his undeniably stunning images, he transports us over the breathtaking landscapes of Québec and gives us a glimpes at the wildlife he captures with his lense.  

Photo: Anne Rousseau 

Born in Cap-Rouge Quebec, Jean-Simon has always been drawn towards nature. A fascination for insects, his naturally curious demeanor and his exploration of Quebecs natural parks were the perfect combination to create a gifted photographer who's passion for the fauna and flora of Quebec shines brightly through his art.

Self-taught, Jean-Simon studied graphic design and began his career as a freelance designer. Today, at 30, he shares his passion for wildlife photography with his 78,000 Facebook followers and his 51,000 Instagram followers. His website hosts books, calenders and other items that showcase his art, both his photographs and his paintings (because, yes, he paints too ! )  For those as passionate about nature as Jean-Simon is, he teaches a photography class while gliding through the waters in a kayak. 

So we could get to know him a little better, we asked him a few questions:

What is your mission, or what is your message for the people who buy your photography ? 

My mission is to be a bridge between nature and people; to bring them closer to nature. I use my platforms as a means of awareness to the importance of preserving nature.

How do you decide upon your next animals to photograph ? 

I investigate any recent sightings in a given area. I try to gather as much information as I can and then, I try!

What is your favourite animal to photograph?

Definitely the caribou. It can be found almost everywhere in the territory and it represents the fragility of our biodiversity.

Jean-Simon photography has the ability to bring us on a journey. It allows us to see what he sees and to feel what he feels when he is alone in the wilderness.

Be prepared for a moving experience. This 10 photograph collection, available on printed canvas or as a mural,  will bring the beauty that is Quebec's wildlife, into your home.

To see the complete collection, click HERE.

To follow Jean-Simon:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jensimonb
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jsb_wildlife_photography/?hl=en
Website : https://www.jeansimonbegin.com/

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