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Say hello to some warm weather and our Spring Dream Collection

Celebrate the arrival of Spring in style and spruce up your home! If you're looking for an easy way to turn your space into a springtime paradise, you’ll be pleased with our new collection of wallpapers, wall decals and canvas prints!

With over 15 designs, our multidisciplinary artists Hilary Jane, Fannie Bellemare-Larivière, Bernadett Urbanovics, Leslie Passerino, Natasha Prévost, Vingt-six juin and Mélissa Dodon share their unique work with you. Let yourself be transported by this collection of vitality including floral patterns, soft pastel colours and designs inspired by nature. 

Say hello to flowers

Who says spring, says flowers! Again this year, our spring collection abounds with a multitude of different flowers. Whether small or oversized, painted or sketched, dark or pale, you’re sure to find a floral pattern to suit your taste. In all their delicacy, flowers of neutral shades and pastel colours will bring lightness and serenity to your room, while oversized or darker flowers will give character to your space.

Delivering us straight to a garden of flowers, we can almost smell the fresh scent of spring with the beautiful Detailed Floral and Old Garden wallpapers by Bernadett Urbanovics. 

Wallpaper Detailed Floral by Printed Decor X Bernadett Urbanovics   Wallpaper Old Garden by Printed Decor X Bernadette Urbanovics

If you want to add colour and texture to your room, consider the Flowers for my Love canvas by Mélissa Dodon or the Shower of Flowers oversized wall decal by Leslie Passerino.

Flowers for my Love canevas by Printed Decor X Mélissa Dodon   Shower of Flowers oversized wall decal by Printed Decor x Leslie Passerino

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Aside from flowers, nature is brimming with life. What could be better than adding a playful vibe to your space with our animal murals ? The wallpaper Swans and Dog Rose and Peonies by Bernadett Urbanovics are simply stunning. They are straight out of a field of roses...you can almost hear the birds chirping! 

Wallpaper Rosiers et pivoines by Printed Decor X Bernadette Urbanovics   Wallpaper Swans by Printed Decor X Bernadette Urbanovics

Nature lovers? Bring the outside in by opting for natural and refreshing patterns. Create a tropical universe with the warm Moody Jungle mural by Bernadett Urbanovics, or relax in front of a sunset with the Maya wall decal by Fannie Bellemare-Larivière.

Wallpaper Moody Jungle by Printed Decor X Bernadette Urbanovics   Maya wall decal by Printed Decor X Fannie Bellemare-Larivière

Pastel Spring

The grayness of winter is behind us! This collection puts pastels in the spotlight. The pinks and greens perfectly symbolize the renewal of spring. Create a softer, soothing aura with these airy, geometric designs that are perfect for lounging spaces like the bedroom.

Wallpaper Aurora by Printed Decor X Hilary Jane

The wallpaper Aurora Pale Pink by Hilary Jane

The wallpaper Petits pois by Printed Decor X Bernadette Urbanovics

The wallpaper Peas by Bernadette Urbanovics


When decoration becomes a game

Why not use your decor to create a playful and inspiring universe for your children? This is what we wanted to offer with the Loranne mural from our Signature Collection. With its dynamism and fun illustrations, this wallpaper will be the starting point for many stories, adventures and games!

If wallpaper doesn't suit you, no problem! Illustrator Bernadett Urbanovics has created 2 wall decals that your little ones are sure to love. 

The first, with its unicorn and stars, will bring a magical touch to your child's room.The second, with its many dinosaurs, will appeal to lovers of ancient reptiles.

Autocollant mural Unicorn by Printed Decor X Bernadett Urbanovics   Dinosaurs wall decal by Printed Decor x Bernadett Urbanovics

This is the sign you have been waiting for. The time has come for your space to reflect you and your family. It's never too late for a little change!  

With a variety of patterns, colours and materials, there's a great option for every taste and budget. We hope you enjoy our collection and that you find the perfect wallpaper, wall decal or canvas for you and your home! To see our entire new spring collection and get inspired here.

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