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How to integrate brick into your decor

Brick is a material that stands the test of time.

Available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes, it is possible to integrate brick into your decor no matter the style or theme.

Would you like to add brick to your space without getting out the trowl and mortar? Today we're giving you an easy and temporary way to incorporate brick into your next design project - you guessed it, wallpaper!

What we love about brick is its versatility. It will look equally good in an industrial, modern or contemporary setting. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate imitation brick wallpaper into your next transformation.

Incorporate it in small quantities
Who says wallpaper has to be installed from one end of a wall to the other? Instead, choose to install it on a small wall, a half wall or centered behind a piece of furniture like a bed or a couch. This way, the space will be warmed by the brick's character without being overwhelming or overcrowded. Also, installing it on part of the wall allows to emphasize this portion of the space and create a wow effect to the room.


Choose a pale or uniform brick

When you think of brick, you immediately think of the traditional red stone with a grey or white grout. However, brick is available in many colours, both neutral and coloured. If you like brick, but the red doesn't suit your space, choose a lighter brick, for example with white or grey tones. Another way of reducing the intense effect of brick is to choose a brick with a smooth versus a porous surface. The brick will therefore add texture to your wall without it being the central attraction of the room.

The great thing about wallpaper is that you can literally create any colour, shape or style of brick you want. You are sure to find the PERFECT brick for you!

Deborah wallpaper mural

Make it the key element of your décor
Sometimes the solution is to go all-in with wallpaper! Dare to make the brick the central element of your room by installing it on the largest wall in the room or by choosing a fairly dark brick.

Nathan wallpaper mural

To avoid having an overcrowded decor, make sure to combine the dark brick with other softer elements, such as a grey sofa, a neutral carpet and plants. You'll immediately find a balanced space and your brick wall will automatically stand out.



Deborah wallpaper mural available HERE

Nathan wallpaper mural available HERE

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