Decor and remote work: How to integrate a work environment at home

Decor and remote work: How to integrate a work environment at home

Author: Arianne Daoust-Hébert

Remote working is a relatively new concept for many of us. 2020 has forced us to integrate it into our new reality.

But there is good news ! The era of working at the kitchen table is over. To facilitate motivation and concentration it is important to have a space dedicated to work. Here are some easy and accessible ideas to create a functional and beautiful work space in your home.

1- Define your space

Not everyone has the option of reserving an entire room in your home for an office but everyone has corners. Using the corner of your bedroom or the dining room can be a good option. Visually defining the space with a throw rug, wallpaper or wall decals is an easy and affordable way to separate work space and home space.

Our favorite idea:

Why not install your office in the closet ? The space is already separate, it is an ideal space for shelves and come Friday afternoon you can close the doors and think nothing more about work until Monday morning !


2- Create an inviting space

If possible, choose a space near a source of natural light. If this isn't a possibility there is a panoply of lighting choices that would be perfect for your space. 

To keep your environment weightless the choice of light coloured furniture is helpful. The addition of colourful accessories and perfect lighting will create a space ideal for you.


3- Your choice of furniture

We spend as much time in our office chair as we do on our mattress. (Sometimes more !)  A quality chair that allows for the height and the armrests to be adjusted is essential to good posture and to ensure the reduction of aches and pains and the end of a long day ! 

What about your desk ? If you work on a portable computer you should be taking your neck into consideration. There exists different models of stands that can be placed on a standard desk to lift your portable to a good height and even desks that can be raised.


Now, get working !