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Discover the creative world of Vanessa Sicotte

When she contacted us to create a custom mural, we were delighted to be able to work with Vanessa Sicotte, who is a true institution in the field of decoration in Quebec. Not finding what she was looking for on the market, Vanessa turned to our made-to-measure to create the unique design she had in mind.

Who is Vanessa Sicotte?

Vanessa Sicotte is passionate about decor in every sense of the word. Over the last 12 years, she has shared her insights, her favorite DYI’s and her inspirations via her various mediums such as her blog, Damask & Dentelle, numerous television appearances, her 2 books, her social media platforms, her podcast and through photos of work done on her loft, a creative space available to rent. blog
booksher social media platformsher loft which can be rented as a creative space as well as its podcast.

Vanessa’s creative process

She explained to us that before designing any space she lets herself be inspired by the building itself. It is important for her to respect the essence of any particular space. For example, before moving into her new work space, she was inspired by the building’s centennial demeanor and industrial aura. She enriched the space with vintage furniture, plants and the colour blue; her favorite ! Her design and the addition of the decorative elements in blue will make you feel that you are only steps away from the ocean.


Herman: the mural

The integration of two particular elements were essential to the design of Vanessa’s mural, Herman. She wanted to introduce a Malinian technique called Bògòlanfini, or mud cloth, where the artist applies mud to certain areas of a cloth and then dyes the exposed areas. When rinsed, the mud leaves empty or negative spaces that creates a unique pattern in collaboration with the dyed areas. Alongside the mud cloth technique, she was intrigued by the ink blots of the celebrated psychologist Hermann Rorschach. (Hence the mural’s name). The ink blots were used to evaluate an individual's psychological well-being. The last element to be introduced to the design of the mural was repetition. Vanessa feels that a repetitive motif inserts a calm ambiance to a space.

Moodboard Damask & Dentelle

The final results are fascinating. The motif is plentiful and colourful but at times calm and dreamy.  It is easy to yield oneself to the lulling movement of this mural.


Your daily dose of inspiration

Vanessa lets herself be inspired by her surroundings.  Her favorite platform: Instagram. She follows decor influencers, like herself, all over the world. Her favorite international accounts are  Sarah Lavoine House, Jenni Kayne, Kelly Wearstler, Justina Blakeney, Leanne Ford, Amber Lewis and Diane Keaton. And when asked about her local inspirations? She tells us about Hey maca, Mister Minimalist, Baba souk and Deconomy.

When the time comes to buy she can be found at:


Herman, the mural, inspired by Vanessa Sicotte de Damask & Dentelle and produced by Décor Imprimé, is available on ouronline shop.

Vanessa’s creativity is readily available to inspire you on all her platforms including herInstagram, her blog, her Etsy boutique, her Podcast Déco Thérapie and in her books.Have we piqued your curiosity ? The Damask & Dentelle loft is available to rent for photoshoots or as a creative work space.

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