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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Buying gifts for our loved ones can sometimes be a tedious task. Indeed, despite being well-intentioned, the perfect idea does not always come easily to mind. 

So we've decided to put together a comprehensive gift guide for you, which includes a host of new items, such as wall stickers, canvas and Christmas products. We hope you'll be able to find some ideas to please your loved ones.

For the "Tween"

Let your teenager take possession of their space by allowing them to decorate it 100% (or almost ;) ) to their liking.

Décor Imprimé | Marjorie stickers Décor Imprimé | Mandy sticker

Marjorie by Émilie Cliche & Mandy from our home collection

For mom

Nothing will please her more than a piece of art you have chosen with her in mind.

Décor Imprimé | Sand Mountains Décor Imprimé | Garden

Mountains of sand by Vingt-six juin and Garden by Geneviève Riel

For the parents-to-be

Becoming a parent also means setting up a nursery which does not come easily to everyone ! Maybe these new parents need a hand ?  Why not offer them a wall decal to help inspire a colour palette and a theme? 

Décor Imprimé | Wooden horse Décor Imprimé | Björn Rabbit

Cheval de bois by Natasha Prévost and Björn Rabbit by Marilou Côté

For that friend who loves abstract art

People who love art often appreciate that perfect piece to display in their home. However, an original piece can be very expensive. A reproduction is a great alternative.

Décor Imprimé | Freaky Friday Décor Imprimé | Inkjet

Freaky Friday by Marianne Plaisance and Jet d'encre by Mélissa Dodon

For the outdoor enthusiast

Make your outdoorsy friend happy with an illustration from Les Barbos. This one takes us on a journey through Quebec by illustrating magnificent winter landscapes.

Décor Imprimé | Winter Sports 05

Winter Sport 05 by Les Barbos

For that special teacher

What better way for a teacher to personalize his or her classroom than by adding fun and colourful touches? Valérie Trudel's stickers are perfect for the classroom and daycare.

Décor Imprimé  Readers Décor Imprimé | Arlo

Readers by Petit Strudel and Arlo from our slate collection

For the fan of all things vintage 

In recent years all things vintage and retro have come back in a big way. Our collection contains several sets of wall decals that will certainly please your friend who loves this trend.

Décor Imprimé | Elspeth Décor Imprimé | Marlie

Elspeth by Hilary Jane and Marlie from our house collection

For the astrologer among you

Leo ascendant Pisces, Mercury in retrograde and the alignment of the Suns do not tell you anything? Don't panic! This wall decal, especially personalized according to the zodiac sign, will certainly please your amateur of astrology. They will even be happy to make your natal chart when you ask her what her zodiac sign is...

Décor Imprimé | Zodiac

Zodiac poster by Émilie Cliche

When in doubt

If you're still not sure what would make your loved one happy, give them a gift card.

No matter the budget, the important thing when giving a gift is that it represents and pleases the person to whom it is given.

Our full gift guide is available HERE.

Happy holiday shopping!

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