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Summer is finally here!

The school year has come to an end, the sun is getting hotter and hotter and vacations are fast approaching. Summer has finally arrived ! 

For Décor Imprimé's first ever summer collection, we wanted to present you with some pastel patterns, fun wall stickers and floral designs to represent summer. Are you ready to discover more than 25 wallpapers and decals created by our artist-collaborators ? 

Flowers are in the spotlight

When we think of summer, we think of flowers. It was simply obvious that our summer collection had to contain floral motifs and botanicals. Several of our artists, including Natasha Prevost, Hilary Jane andJune twenty-sixth have wowed us with their beautiful and unique designs.

Natasha loves to design delicate and romantic vintage florals in neutral colours. With the rise in popularity of the farmhouse stylefarmhouseher motifs will certainly find a perfect home. 

Some kinf of daisies - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Natasha Prévost Floral bouquet rhombuses - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Natasha Prévost

We know Hilary Jane for her graceful, psychedelic light versus dark motifs. However, this summer collection presents us with a different side of her art. You will find classic flowers englobed in colour. 

Midsummer Bloom - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Hilary Jane Décor Imprimé | Eleanor Mural


Finally, when we think of flowers, the artist Vingt-six juin comes immediately to mind. She is known for the meticulousness she demonstrates in her illustrations. Her lines are fine and the use of transparency soften her drawings. 

For this collection, Vingt-six juin introduces us to a type of greenery that was not previously available in our catalogue: herbs and vegetables. Ideal for the dining room or the veranda, these designs, in neutral colours and lineart, will certainly appeal to the gardener in all of us. In addition, these murals will allow you to enjoy your vegetables all year round!

Herbarium - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin Vegetable garden - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin

For the cottage or RV

Summer is the season for camping, weekends at the cottage and road trips in the RV. More often than not, these spaces in our campers and cottages are practical and functional, but less than aesthetic ! Just because a cottage or campsite is a second home, it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be beautiful !

Our products are the ideal solution for transforming a cottage or RV. The ease of installation, the versatility and the light weight of the material make them a perfect choice. With this in mind, artists like Fleur Maison and Petit Strudel present you with designs that are perfect for enhancing your home away from home.

Vanessa Béland, better known as Fleur Maisonloves to create colourful, childlike patterns. The sets of decals she created for our summer collection will appeal to young and old alike.

Under the ocean - wall decal by Décor Imprimé X Fleur Maison Sailing boat at sea - wall decal by Décor Imprimé X Fleur Maison

In the same vein, Valérie Trudel, alias Petit Strudelis now presenting wall stickers and wallpapers in vibrant colors that encourage play.

Adventure - wall decal by Décor Imprimé X Petit Strudel Fruit salad - wall decal by Décor Imprimé X Petit Strudel

Finally, Haingo Natacha is back in force with a new motif of wall decals especially designed to replace your big clunky headboard. Given the great success of the Meva decal,she now offers us a brand new model, Rofia. We love its versatility. It would look great as akitchen or bathroom backsplash. Yoou knew that wallpaper can be used as a backsplash, right ? It just needs to belaminated to provide extra protection. Installing wallpaper as a backsplash in an RV is an easy, affordable and lightweight solution.

Rofia - wall decal by Décor Imprimé X Haingo Natacha Luc - Self-adhesive wallpaper by Décor Imprimé X Haingo Natacha

Whether you want to enhance your RV, add a playful touch to your cottage or simply bring some sunshine into your home, you're sure to find a wallpaper or wall decal that you will love in this new collection. Have a great summer!
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