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The colourful and whimsical world of Katrin Leblond.

As you already know, Printed Decor’s mission is to showcase local talent by introducing you to multi-talented artists. When our team discovered the work of Katrin Leblond, we immediately wanted to offer her beautiful creations to our network of residential customers and interior designers.

"Fashion is about wearing art."

Just as fashion is about wearing art, wall decoration is about displaying art. Aligned with the same vision, we already knew this collaboration would be a success. So, that being said, it is our pleasure to present to you Katrin Leblond and her first collection of wallpaper and decals in collaboration with Printed Decor !

Who is Katrin Leblond?

A textile designer recognized in the industry for over 20 years, Katrin Leblond was born and raised in Montreal. After studying Fine Arts at Concordia University, Katrin took her first job in the textile industry where she learned how to create a repeating pattern. Then, driven by the desire to create and inspired by the nature around her, she launched her own clothing brand. Unable to find the fabrics she wanted on the market, she took it into her own hands and now creates and manufactures her own. The uniqueness and playfulness of her own designs launched her brand towards a well-deserved place within Montreal’ s fashion scene.

Well established in Montreal's Mile End, Katrin’s creativity and drive allows her to create her clothing collections from A to Z, including the creation of the pattern, the choice of colours, the printing of the fabric, and the sewing of the clothing.

Katrin's collections are not only unique but they are well made. Her devoted clientele is made up mostly of women aged 40 to 70, often extroverted, who are looking for not only colourful and playful pieces, but also items that are of quality and ethically made. Katrin makes art. Her clients appreciate the uniqueness and inspirations of the collections.

Inspired by Nature

When asked to describe her main inspirations, Katrin answered without hesitation: “The nature around us”. She tells us that each pattern often starts with a walk in the forest of the Laurentians where she has a small cottage.

"Mushrooms, ferns, fireflies, flowers, etc. All the things that are often forgotten in the city."

Katrin loves to read and is inspired by the work of artists and environmental activists such as Suzanne Simard, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and Christi Belcourt. This passion for the environment has transformed into a collaboration with Suzanne Simard in which a cushion collection was created and a portion of the profits were donated to Mme. Simard's forest research.

Her and her team’s inspirations for art and design are strongly rooted in the world of folklore. She admires the bright colours, the natural patterns and the overall aesthetics of indigenous artists from tropical climates notably Brasil, California and Australia.

Environment and Ethics at the Heart of Things

Respect for the environment and all those that exist within it has always been at the heart of Katrin's vision. As an entrepreneur, she will not offer a product that will harm the environment. Therefore, every element of clothing, from fabric, thread and zipper, is carefully chosen from Quebec and Canadian manufacturers, sometimes even international, but always with the goal of reducing fossil fuel requirements for transportation as much as possible.

Her First Collection with Printed Decor

"It's a career I would have loved to do!" she expresses when asked why she is interested in expanding towards decor. Katrin already offers a collection of cushions in her boutique, but wallpaper is a first for her. She feels motivated and comfortable in a well-decorated and well-thought-out environment and she wants to offer the same thing to her customers. Her first collection with Printed Decor contains 4 families of patterns, all as colourful and extravagant as the last.


Originally a small and monochrome pattern, Katrin decided to present Dreamscape as an oversized motif and in colour. This creates an interesting abstract mural that we can envision in a modern or japandi-style space. She also chose some elements of the motif to create a collection of bright and fun wall decals. Randomly arranged, these decals are perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to a space.

Night Garden

A mythical and already beloved pattern of Katrin's customers, the wallpaper Night Garden is composed of several small flowers, leaves, and other botanicals. The orientation of the elements, colours, and scale of the images create a very lively pattern. From a distance, the pattern is almost neutral and faded, but get close and discover dynamic illustrations and warm and vibrant colors. For the wall decal collection, we decided to present the elements larger than they appear in the mural. The decals create a playful focal point and bring movement to a room.

Moth Magic

This warm-coloured botanical pattern will charm butterfly lovers. Inspired by the night butterflies that come to her window, Katrin wanted to create a colourful, vibrant, and eclectic pattern. Use it in a narrow space like a bathroom or closet and you will be surprised with the warm effect this wallpaper will bring. If you love butterflies, you will certainly be charmed by the decal collection, Night Butterfly. They will likely be a key piece of your decor, in addition to being affordable and easy to install.


For those who prefer a more neutral decor, Katrin offers the wallpaper Playa in two different colours. Playa, with its soaring birds, will calm any space in your home, be it a child’s room or a home office.

Playa is also available as a wall decal collection. It would be perfect as a headboard or as an accent behind a vanity or desk.

For those who already have cushions from Katrin’s collection, they would look great with one of her murals or wall decals

To see the complete collection, click HERE.
To visit Katrin Leblond's website, click HERE.
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