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Our 2022 Spring Collection

The days are getting longer, the snow is melting, the sun is warmer and warmer... Spring has finally sprung !

Our spring collection was inspired by the latest trends in wallpaper, motifs and design, as well as the colours of the year for major paint manufacturers, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We were completely surprised by the results of our research ! Even busy patterns can create balance when neutral  tone on tone colours are featured. 

Some of our collaborating artists participated in the creation of this successful spring collection. Natasha Prévost featured her signature floral motifs, Fannie Bellemare-Larivière created a trendy tropical design, Hilary Jane opted for a mid-century theme and Lina Callisto provided you with an adorable wall decal !

Without further ado, discover our new 2022 Spring Collection. It is  divided into 3 categories; geometric designs, floral designs and our new window frost.

Geometric patterns

Nothing is more classic than a geometric pattern; lines, squares, rectangles or triangles. To add a special touch to these classic patterns, we were inspired by the art deco movement,. It began at the beginning of the century and is best known for its orderly architecture, bright colours and geometry. With its simple lines and curves, the designs of this movement are timeless and classic. When neutral, contemporary colours are applied, these timeless designs are given a fresh twist.

In addition, we have decided to present these designs on a large scale to give them a more modern character and avoid overloading your decor. We love the 3 dimensional effect of some of these patterns along with their versatility. They will look great in your child's room and why not in your living room!

Décor Imprimé | Adam wallpaper mural

Adam: Wallpaper mural from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Brenda self-adhesive wallpaper

Brenda: Wallpaper mural from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Lyne self-adhesive wallpaper mural

Lyne: Wallpaper mural from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Brett wallpaper mural

Brett:  Wallpaper mural from our house collection

Tropical flora and fauna

Floral patterns are also timeless classics. However, unlike geometric patterns, floral patterns have varied over time. Sometimes it's the very small, delicate flowers that are featured on the pages of vogue, while at other times, as is the case now, we will find oversized patterns with large leaves. Animals are very trendy this season. We love floral patterns that incorporate animals, like birds or jungle animals. 

So, it was obvious to us that we had to have tropical patterns, sometimes dark, sometimes very busy, to give you the illusion that you are in a tropical country even while at home! The vibrant colours of these patterns add a touch of vitality to a space, like your office or the dining room.

Décor Imprimé | Edward self-adhesive wallpaper

Édouard : Wallpaper mural by Fannie Bellemare-Larivière

Décor Imprimé | Lilianna wallpaper mural

Lilianna : Wallpaper mural from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Wallpaper mural Small perched bird

Petit oiseau perché : Wallpaper mural  by Natasha Prévost

Décor Imprimé | Sonia self-adhesive wallpaper mural

Sonia : Wallpaper mural from the house collection

Décor Imprimé | Self-adhesive wallpaper mural The Follies

Les Follies : Wallpaper mural by Hilary Jane

Your windows deserve love too

As you might already know, in addition to wallpaper, wall decals and canvas, we also offer decorative window films. Printed on an ultra-strong transparent film, our window frosts add privacy, they are lovely, the motifs are current and they will give your windows a quick facelift.

In keeping with the spirit of our wallpapers, we have decided to transform some of our favourite designs into decorative films. Our simple lines will be ideal to add a refined touch to your shop window, while our more busy patterns will be perfect for providing privacy in the shower or at the office.

Décor Imprimé | Eugene window film

Eugene : Window film from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Nicolas window film

Nicolas : Window film from our house collection

Décor Imprimé | Solange window film

Solange: Window film from our house collection

With the gradual return to work, the home office spaces in our homes are slowly returning to their their original form. Why not take the opportunity to create the space you always wanted ?


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