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2023 Pantone Colour of the Year and the Year’s Interior Design Trends

Every December paint companies announce colour trends for the upcoming year. The announcement everyone waits for is from Pantone. For the last 23 years Pantone has proposed 1 colour from their catalog that bears the title of the Pantone Colour of the Year and that colour will become the year’s reference for interior design trends, fashion and general decor.

Viva Magenta 18-1750

Viva Magenta is an audaciously dark shade of pink that descends from red. It is inspired by red and one of the world’s most precious and enduring natural dyes, cochineal. It represents, and appropriately so, strength, optimism, joy and exuberance.

Source: Pantone

We are not suggesting that everyone repaint their walls magenta but a little touch of this vibrant colour will go a long way.

Floral wallpaper with pink and magenta, like Rosie, would be beautiful and for the braver among us, Vanderputt would make a stunning focal point. If you only want a small touch of colour, this wall decal Sunset would be perfect or what about the canvas print, Love ?

Decor Tendencies for 2023

Design holistique (Holistic design)

Holistic design is much more than creating a coherent space tied together by similar elements. Much like holistic medicine that treats an individual and not their symptoms, holistic design will design and optimize a space around the person who will work or live in particular rooms.

It is important to avoid passing trends when applying a holistic design approach. The objective is to include elements that truly reflect the person for whom the space is for. The approach often integrates nature with plants, natural elements, Feng Shui and natural light.

Dark academia 

This method to design, Dark academia is inspired by antique libraries teeming with dark colours, luxurious textures and vintage objects. Look up and you will often find adorned ceilings reminiscent of Gothic architecture.

For a warm and comforting ambiance add candles (lots of candles) and books (lots of books) to the space. It will be the perfect room for curling up next to the fireplace and reading a great novel.

Le Barbiecore

Barbiecore opens the doors wide open to the 2000’s. Here you will find vibrant colours, curved furniture and eclectic motifs. This approach is all about self-expression !

Traditionally Barbiecore is associated with one shade of pink but you have the freedom to include every tone from dusty pink to fuchsia. Pink is not for everyone in large doses but the effect of a touch of pink in certain rooms of your home may surprise you.

Viva Magenta, the Pantone colour of the year, would look great in a Barbiecore decor. It shares the same message of expression, intensity and individuality as Barbiecore. Adding Viva Magenta to your space is the first step to integrating this flamboyant decor into your space.

If you are intrigued by this method, we suggest starting with some printed canvases. How about Lise and Freaky Friday ? These oversized, colourful and exuberant prints by Marianne Plaisance will fit perfectly into the trend.

The murals White Roses, Daisy and Lizalong with decals like Muslin and Smiley Poop Fun would also be a great starting point to a Barbiecore decor. 

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