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La nature de Chantal: A country living collection

As you probably already know, Décor Imprimé' s mission is to showcase local artists. So far, we have introduced you to illustrators, photographers, painters and digital artists. What you may not know is that we have a large network of interior designers
 that we collaborate with and support during the design process. 

When Chantal Boulé approached us as an interior designer launching her own collection we knew our answer would be YES ! Our collaboration has combined two elements of Décor Imprimé; highlighting local artists and supporting designers. Not to mention, her collection is not only spectacular but heartwarming and comforting.

We are not presenting a collection created by an artist, but rather one imagined and thought out by an experienced designer. Chantal has brought together and selected specific elements to create a universe that is completely different from anything we have offered. 

Loving Country Life

Born in Lennoxville, in the Eastern Townships, Chantal lived her entire childhood on the outskirts of the village, surrounded by woods, fields, streams and rivers. She was already fascinated by the village's century-old houses. As an adult, having returned from  Western Canada after a few years away, she had wittled down her career choices to two options: real estate broker or interior designer. With a degree in both fields, she decided to pursue a career in real estate. She quickly realized that this was not the job for her and noticed that the houses she showed were poorly decorated, with mismatched furniture and tacky upholstery. This brought her to creating her own magazine, the Vie en Estrie/Living. It was while working on decor and architectural articles that she decided to move into interior design, specializing in country style.

This was followed by a successful career: a first boutique in Georgeville in 1989, then a move to Westmount in 1997, to return to her roots in 2011 by reopening a new boutique in the Eastern Townships. The guiding principle of all her stores has always been the same: country style. In her shops, you can find everything: cushions, furniture, lighting, paint, wallpaper and designer services. Everything you need to furnish a farmhouse from the basement to the attic !

A collection with an ancestral and historical feel

Chantal's first idea was to turn William Henry Bartlett's famous prints into unique wallpaper murals.

William Henry Bartlett was born in London in 1809. He was a draughtsman and illustrator, first in the field of architecture and medicine and later concentrating on drawing picturesque landscapes around the world. He travelled extensively, including many trips to Canada, and drew many scenes of Quebec, including the Eastern Townships, Charlevoix, Outaouais and Sherbrooke. 

Chantal owns several of his works and wanted to share the beauty and quality of Bartlett's illustrations with everyone by presenting them as wallpaper.

Décor Imprimé | Orford wallpaper seen from Georgeville Road

Décor Imprimé | Wallpaper Rivière St-François in Sherbrooke Décor Imprimé | Owl's head and Whetstone Island wallpaper

Ideal in a farmhouse style house or a rustic cottage, these wallpapers represent our historical heritage and will certainly bring warmth and confort to your decor. For lovers of the Eastern Townships, you will find landscapes as seen by Bartlet at the end of the 19th century including Lake Memphremagog and of Georgeville.

Honouring a Country

Chantal's collection helps us travel through Canada by offering photographs of two artists that she particularly appreciates: Hilary Jane and Stéphane Lemire.

You probably know Hilary Jane from her mid-century styled wallpaper and canvases whose images are rich, full of depth and that will certainly fill a room with emotion and maybe even some mystery.

Décor Imprimé | Canvas Mountain mist

Décor Imprimé | Moss Trail Wallpaper Décor Imprimé | Canvas at a glance

Décor Imprimé | Canvas Happy bee

Finally, Chantal wants us to discover the work of another photographer, Stéphane Lemire. He is also from the Eastern Townships and is a photographer known for his versatility; business, science, geography, tourism and more. He has travelled all over the world, but Chantal has a weakness for his photographs of Québec, particularly the Abbey in Austin, Mount Orford and the town of Magog. Prints of these pieces of paradise are available on many sizes of canvas.

Décor Imprimé | The Abbey, the Lake and Summer Décor Imprimé | Silhouette of Orford canvas

Chantal's Nature / La nature de Chantal is a universe created by an experienced designer, bringing together all of her decorative favourites in order to create a country-style universe worthy of the most beautiful and traditional New England homes.
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To discover more about Chantal's world, visit her website, her Instagram page and her Facebook account.

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