Arches: Simple and classic in any decor

With the return of retro tendencies in interior design, we have seen the reappearance of a very simple geometric shape: the arch. Used in both modern and country decor, the arch is now a must when it's time to redecorate your space.

There can be many variations to the classic arch. They can be very narrow, quite large, you can even choose to have a pointed arch or to scallop the edges. It is limitless really but whatever your choice may be, we can help you integrate it perfectly into your decor.

The architecture of your space

Whether it be a door, a window or an alcove, the arch is a beautiful architectural addition.

Older homes may flaunt arches in their architectural design but chances are that your new home does not. To renovate and add one can be expensive and the fact remains that no matter how old or new your home is, arches are beautiful.

Photo Zantzinger

Source: Zantzinger

Our favorite element: The alcove
A simple way to integrate the arch into a room is to create the effect of an alcove and add some simple shelving. Whether it's behind a couch, a bed or above the bath, you won't be disappointed with the look and you'll appreciate the added storage.

Photo Casework

Source: Casework

Wall Decor

An affordable and quick way to integrate the arch into your decor is simply to add one. Luckily, we have tons of options ! Think of a mirror, a wall decal, a headboard or even a piece of furniture.

 Photo Kast

Source: Kast

Our favorite idea: Wall decals
Easy and quick to install, the wall decal is an ideal solution if you are a tenant and cannot make permanent changes to your space. In addition, a wall decal won't damage the wall upon removal. That makes it perfect for those of us that like to change things up !

wall decal Paul

wall decal Paul, available in 12 colors and 2 sizes.


On a smaller scale, you can also get accessories that recall the rounded shape, such as a candlestick, a vase, a piece of furniture or a clock.

Etsy photo

Source: Etsy

Our favorite accessory: Embellish your shelf with several arch-shaped objects

Adding items with rounded shapes to any decorative shelf will create a soft and balanced line for the eye.

Photo Aubrey Figueroa

Source: Aubrey Figueroa

For even more inspiration, browse our Arch Collection.

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