Hmmm… What is Mid-Century Modern ?

Mid-century Modern (MCM) is a style that came to be between the 1st and the 2nd world wars. It was extremely popular in decor, architecture and graphic design. It contradicts its predecessors that have a tendency to be heavy and crowded. MCM is represented by brighter colours, clean lines, round shapes and a touch of Scandinavian decor.

The current Mid-century Modern is likely most appreciated for its ability to merge function and aesthetics. Within MCM we search for objects that are not only beautiful and functional but durable. The results are rooms that are free of unnecessary objects as each tends to be multipurpose.

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MCM decor essentials

1- Geometric shapes

Abrupt lines and right angles are prohibited in MCM. It is characterised by simple lines and often accompanied by fluid geometric forms. When creating a Mid-Century Modern style you are creating a decor that is soft and balanced.

Décor Imprimé - Daphne mural  Décor Imprimé - wall decal MIA in the colour Blush

2- Minimalism

Previous eras introduced designs that incorporated cramped spaces and ornate accessories. MCM however, prioritizes open, uncluttered spaces and clean lines.

Milray park Australia

3- Neutral tones with a touch of vibrant colours

While always maintaining its promise of functionality and durability, Mid-century Modern decor is mainly composed of warm neutral colours such as brown, cream, beige and white. Wood is commonly found; particularly tek and rose wood.

The neutral colours of MCM will be sprinkled with colour by way of a colourful chair or an accent wall, for example. You will likely find colours like mustard yellow, purple, red, teal and burnt orange.

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Is MCM still trendy in 2021?

Mid-century Modern is based on aesthetics that integrate functionality and durability so, yes. MCM is not only still trendy but it's simple and functional decor will never be outdated. It is quite common to find MCM pieces in second-hand shops and flea markets for the simple reason that these pieces were made to last.

If you appreciate this style as much as we do, there is no need to redesign your whole room. By adding key pieces to your space like a tek coffee table, a colourful carpet or a round mirror, you will get the Mid-Century Modern look you are looking for.

 Recups - Chair Recups - recovered table Revitalised buffet

 Our Mid-century Modern finds:

  • The Maja Sofa from Léon
  • Seno media console from Article
  • Ruby geometric rug from Wayfair
  • The retro return armchair from Simons

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