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Our fall murals for a warm decor

The wind is getting cooler, the leaves are turning red, the pumpkin spice latte is out at Starbucks... All these signs show that fall is just around the corner!

The season of cocooning season is our favorite. Why? Because it means that we will spend more time indoors and therefore we will want to give love to our decor, and that is our passion!

If you're a decorating fan too, or if you simply want to update the look of your living space, I invite you to discover our new items for fall. A capsule collection with comforting colors, busy patterns and autumnal flowers. 

Warm Colours

Autumn means warm colors. Indeed, the changing leaves of the trees dictate the Colour palettes to adopt for the season: oranges, reds, yellows, taupes, browns, dark blues and greens.

Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin | Flowery fields wallpaper

The wallpaper mural Fields of flowers by Vingt-six juin is the ultimate fall mural. Indeed, the neutral tones of the pattern make it ideal to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Depending on the look you want, you can choose between the 4 available background colors. Choose pink for a child's room decor, white for a bright look, taupe for neutrality and teal to create an enveloping effect.

Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin | Mural Fields in Bloom

If you like the colors of this tapestry, you will also fall under the charm of the wallpapers Champis and Beesby the same artist.

Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin | Champis mural Décor Imprimé X Vingt-six juin | Bee Mural

Busy patterns

A busy pattern does not necessarily equal a heavy, overly intense pattern. For example, the Georgette from our house collection is busy, but at the same time balanced and soft. Indeed, when viewed up close, you can see the many details of the flowers and leaves. While when pulled back, with an overall view, the pattern brings movement that is both fluid and refined.

Décor Imprimé | Georgette wallpaper

With its dark blue hue, this mural will be just as perfect wall to wall in a farmhouse style or used sparingly as an accent in a room.

By busy pattern, we also mean oversized pattern. The mural Desiree mural represents this idea well. The oversized geometric shapes of this design form a busy but cohesive whole, making it the perfect solution to create a focal point in any room. Add warm colors to this mural, and you've got a great fall decor!

Décor Imprimé | Desiree Mural 

Immersive photographs

A good way to create a warm and comforting decor is to propose a theme, an atmosphere, an immersive world. To achieve this, consider installing a photo mural in your room.

For the fall, the murals Mountain Mist, Moss Trail and St-François River in Sherbrooke by La nature de Chantal will create the desired enveloping effect.

Décor Imprimé X La nature de Chantal | Mountain Mist Mural

Décor Imprimé X La nature de Chantal | Moss Trail Mural Décor Imprimé X La nature de Chantal | St-Francois River Mural in Sherbrooke

You will be impressed to see your space enlarged, even if the chosen photograph is dark. 

If the wallpaper does not suit you, the same photographs are also available in canvas.

Décor Imprimé X La nature de Chantal | Canvas Mountain mist Décor Imprimé X La nature de Chantal | Canvas Foam Trail
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