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Just what you need for a cozy decor

The season for stews, hot chocolate and scarfs has arrived. As the temperature drops and the sun sets earlier and earlier, we tend to spend more time indoors with a good book and a warm drink.

Who doesn't want to settle into a cozy room at the end of a day; to have a perfect room that helps you relax and de-connect?

1- Textures
For a comfortable and relaxing ambiance, try mixing different textures. Wood, wicker, wool, linen, ect. A combination of different textures will warm the atmosphere in a room and add an element of depth.

Natasha Prévost - Foliage and shrubsPattern: foliage and shrubs by Natasha Prévost

These textures can be integrated anywhere in your cozy decor. The choice of cushions or throw blankets, baskets, wooden frames, an ottoman or even a mural can have a big impact.

Natasha Prévost - Pink flowers & leavesPattern: Pink flowers & leaves by Natasha Prévost

2- Lighting
The choice of lighting can make all the difference when changing the ambiance of a room. Instead of prioritizing one overhead light, why not opt for a combination of smaller table and floor lamps ? Your choice of lightbulbs is just as important. A yellow hue will warm a room.

Save some money and use your Christmas lights ! A string of neutral coloured light would be perfect for your cozy room. Set them in behind the couch or on a shelf for a recomforting glow.


3- Ambiance
Ambiance is by far the most important element in your cozy room. You want your room to be warm, welcoming and relaxing. You can never go wrong with candles and essential oils. Well chosen music and a crackling fire are also a nice touch.

Tulip & sage

HERE is our favorite fall playlist

For a final touch, the smell of a warm pumpkin pie is always hard to beat !

Have a great autumn!

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