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Transformer l’art d’Annie Laroche en décoration murale

What we love most about our work is discovering local artists, entering into their universe and imagining their work in your decor. 

Annie Laroche Collection

When Annie Laroche contacted us to discuss a possible collaboration, our entire team was pleasantly surprised to discover her work. 

Annie Laroche's Collection   Annie Laroche Collection   Annie Laroche Collection
A nurse for 18 years, Annie has always been a creative person. From her childhood, she began to explore the world of painting and art, through drawing animals. Over time, this hobby disappeared, then, about 4 years ago, the passion and desire to paint resurfaced. She gradually began to paint again and this time abstract art, inspired by the nature that surrounds her.

``Painting soothes my mind’’

Then, the requests multiplied. Annie's clientele exploded, allowing her to create a solid reputation in the field.

Today, Annie paints with watercolours and acrylic paint, to which she adds a lot of water to create very fluid works. She then adds colour and other mediums to create texture and depth to her creations.

She was therefore the ideal candidate to create a collection of wall decorations. Enlarged to make wallpaper, her work is simply sublime in large format, in addition to blending well with almost any decor.

Her original work will also be available in reproductions on canvas, allowing you to have an artist's work at a lower cost!

Both neutral and explosive pieces of art

Annie always begins her work without any particular plan. She lets herself go according to the inspiration in the moment, letting herself be carried away by the movements of the paint on her canvas.

For her collection with Printed Decor, she offers us 7 pieces of art: Artifice, Bistro, Harmony, Lotus, Massif, Mirage and Symbiosis.

Artifice is obviously the most colorful and eclectic work in the collection. With its very bright orange colour, it will certainly be the key element of your decor.

Canvas print Artifice by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

The Bistro canvas print on the other hand reminds us of a very colorful marble, with its orange and gold hues. You'll love this design both as a backsplash and as a canvas, to add dynamism to your space.

Bistro Canvas print  by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

For a modern and lively decor, think of the Harmony canvas print, which despite its shades of black, beige and white, brings movement and will blend with any decor.

Harmony Canvas print by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

Despite her ubiquitous abstract style, Annie's spirit sometimes leads her to paint more figurative pieces, such as the Lotus canvas, which depicts a flower that seems to be in full swing. 

Lotus Canvas print by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

Once again, Annie's abstract style still allows us to distinguish mountains in this Massif canvas print. In wallpaper or canvas, this artwork will certainly be the starting point of many conversations.

Massif Canvas print by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche   Massif mural by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

The Mirage composition is undoubtedly the most summery in his collection. Painted on a pale colored linen canvas, the simplicity of the lines as well as the colours chosen makes it the perfect addition to add a touch of softness to a space.

Canvas print Mirage by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche   Mirage mural by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

Finally, the Symbiosis fabric is what your decor is missing if you are looking to add movement while staying in neutral colours.

Symbiosis Canvas print by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche   Symbiosis mural by Printed Decor x Annie Laroche

If you are looking for the next piece of art to integrate into your home, whether with canvas or wallpaper, we invite you to discover the brand new collection of Annie Laroche. Believe us, you won't be disappointed! To learn more about Annie Laroche, have a look at her website, her Instagram or her Facebook page.

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