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Transform your backsplash with wallpaper

Just in case you weren't sure… You can absolutely install wallpaper as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash !

Should your choice to opt for wallpaper instead of tiles be because the budget is tight, your ability to install tiles is questionable or simply because you want a simple and easy solution for the cottage, wallpaper is a great option.

Décor imprimé - LARS mural

The secret to making it work: Lamination
You are probably asking yourself how self adhesive vinyl could possibly replace a traditional backsplash. It’s simple. Once the image has been printed it will be laminated..

This very thin film will protect your wallpaper from heat, splattering and from the damaging effects of cleaning.  

The many advantages
A wallpaper backsplash instead of tiles offers many advantages. For example:

  • Easy and fast install. There are no special tools nor is there messy glue required,
  • The price is much more accessible that tiles,
  • he light weight of a self-adhesive backsplash is ideal for a camper or an RV,
  • It can be removed without damaging the wall (great news for renters !)
  • There are no grout joints so you can choose to have a continuous image.

Décor Imprimé - Murale Kitchen essentials

The possibilities are endless
Another pro for opting with a wallpaper backsplash versus tiles is that there is an infinite amount of design options. You always wanted a concrete backsplash ? What about marble ? Now you can ! Image banks are swarming with phenomenal options.

You can even add text and why not a photo that you took yourself ?

Décor Imprimé - Natalie

What about the installation ?
Installation is quite simple. Start by washing the surface and ensuring that it is smooth. (It isn’t recommended to install wallpaper over existing tiles or a porous surface like unfinished gypsum.) Remove any outlet covers and then you can install your first panel ensuring that it is level. When you are ready to install your second panel, be sure that the image is in sequence before applying. Follow suit until all your panels are up. All that is left to do is to cut away the surplus vinyl and voila… a new backsplash !

Now that you know what an interesting option wallpapers is, are you ready to get started!
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