Naturally curious and open, I like to explore new horizons, catch a glimpse of new perspectives and enrich myself through contact with others. Originally from the center region of France, where I spent the first part of my life, it is in South America, in French Guiana, that I finally reconnected with my first love, photography.

The magic of the Amazon and its inhabitants always reconnects me to my camera which never leaves my sight. Photography has become theway I though which I express my values ​. Whether through architectural photos or portraits, I always have a lot of fun exploring my subject.

Dedicated to highlighting the know-how of professionals, both their personality and their intrinsic values, I am convinced that our differences are our greatest assets.

The portrait, is for me, above all a privileged exchange with an individual. It is about establishing a connection, a link that opens the door to emotions and authenticity to reveal what rarely appears: the very essence of the subject.

This is a passion that has lasted for over 15 years...and counting.