Natasha Prévost

Natasha Prévost explores many different mediums including watercolours acrylic paint, drawing, graphic art, photography and embroidery. 


Natasha has her own boutique where she highlights her products and the products of other local artists such as Production Fil d'or, Petite Lou & co (maintenant Rosane)., La mini boutique Canada, JB Skin Guru, Marie Mousse, Oursins Fleurs, Le Pont Vert, Créatival, Embellage, Dans le sac, Théatre Denise Pelletier, Dans le sac, Théatre Denise Pelletier, YELLOW shoes, Agatha Boutique for baby and Décor Imprimé.  She and her collaborators can offer services in the creation of logos, shadow theaters, posters, illustrations for children, pop-up booths and wallpaper designs.

You can also find products from Vestibule-Art de vivre, Vestibule mini, Ouistitine, LaLooma (Maman Autrement), Station Service Park Avenue, Kreatrix, Happy Home shop, Le jardin de Mathilde and Espace Flo.

She is constantly working on the creation of new designs that she shares daily on Instagram (natashapn28).