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Decor and Camping: Update the style of your RV

Summer vacation is quickly approaching ! Once again, those of us that decide to adventure out of our backyards this summer will have to be creative about how to travel locally.  How about cruising in a stylish RV ?

Over the last few years RV’s and campers, both new and used, have made a comeback.  Would you opt for a new one or to revamp a used one ? 

If the interior decor of your RV is outdated or you simply want to personalise it, Printed Decor can propose  some trendy design ideas that will help you vacation in style !

White and wood mix is the most popular

Ready to get the brushes out before you leave for holiday? Go for a classic by choosing a bright white for most surfaces: walls, ceiling, kitchen counters, storage... This choice will allow you to enlarge and brighten the space. Does your RV already have natural wood decorations? That's great. Enhance them with a treatment and polishing. Otherwise, take the easy way out and line your surfaces with self-adhesive wood-style vinyl. With self-adhesive vinyl, all colours and wood finishes are possible!


The minimalist on vacation

Being a minimalist, even during your RV vacation, doesn't mean you should put aside your sense of design !  Opting for the contrast between black and white can purify your space leaving room for adventure. Choosing linear furniture and accessories can liberate your space and a black on white mural on the wall of your choice will complete a perfect RV decor.


Light, light and more light !

Pay particular attention to the lighting in your RV. Even if you have enough natural light during the day, use more lights to make the most of your evenings on holiday. Main lighting, reading lights in strategic places (bed, sofa, etc.) and more discreet lights for a more subdued atmosphere. Also think about sufficient outdoor lighting for safe travel.

Under the stars

Who doesn't want more natural light ? How about a renovation project ? The addition of a skylight in your RV would be a perfect way to add something really special and some great natural light to your RV. Imagine stargazing from your bed ? 


Living Decor :  Bringing the outside in

Invite nature in. Photographic murals are a great and low maintenance way to do this.  Transform photos of your favorite and most memorable landscapes into murals that will fill your inside space with your love of the outdoors. If you are gone for a while why not bring along some plants for the ride ? They would add the perfect touch of warmth and home to your RV.


There you go ! These tips and hints will help you transform your RV or camper into a space that is as beautiful as it is practical. For more ideas visit our Pinterest board.

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