Unveiling our artists' creative process

Unveiling our artists' creative process

Creating the motif for wallpaper or a mural is not as easy as you may think. Décor Imprimé collaborates with talented local artists to create original and inspirational designs. Two of our artists have agreed to give us a glimpse into their creative process and their inspirations.


Designing a mural: Joanie’s process (Boutique Vingt-six juin)

Joanie, the founder of Boutique Vingt-six juin is an artist with an organic and playful approach to her art. Whimsical details can be seen throughout all her mediums that range from jewelry making to designing murals by way of water colours, photography and polymer clay. Within her murals lives a world of forets, sailboats and rainbows that can be both discrete and fantastical.

Joanie confides

Joanie shares her creation process. “ My need to create is always present. The more I create the more I have ideas. I have to make lists of the projects I want to complete because I have more ideas than I have time !   The creation of a new mural design often begins with an inspiration, an idea. It could be a colour, a motif, a style of architecture or just the shape of an object. I assemble my ideas on paper and dive into creating something unique. It isn't rare for an idea to evolve into something completely different ! “

The inspiration behind the murals

“My inspirations are mostly organic and botanical. I am drawn to the shapes of flowers and organic forms. Most of my digital illustrations are created with the application Procreate but I am also very fond of painting with watercolours.”


The murals and wallpaper that I design in collaboration with Décor Imprimé provide me with a different visibility than I have in my boutique. The creation of a mural is a lovely way to valorise my illustrations and it offers a perfect way for my clients to decorate their homes.”


To discover Joanie Barriault:

Natasha Prévost : her murals and her intense creative process

Natasha, when asked to reflect upon her creative process, admits that it is particularly intense ! 

“I take the time to explore many different styles but I rarely use the same route. I rarely know what I am going to draw until I begin and unless I already have an idea, I improvise. I am a spontaneous person  and it is certainly projected in my art”. 


Despite her spontaneity, she has a well established three step modus operandi. “a small moodboard (most of the time), a few minutes of visualisation and then I create by trial and error. My process for murals and other projects will change depending if I am creating for work or for pleasure. If I am working on a project for someone else, I tend to visualise much more.


I almost always create on a digital tablet; It is so convenient. The colours are true and no image quality is lost because of digitisation. And it is so fast ! There is no need to rummage through my materials, wash paint brushes… it is such a life saver for busy women like me. I couldn’t live without it !”

Infinite Inspirations

Inspirations sometimes require a bit of research. Natasha takes that to a whole new level. “My inspirations are infinite… Everything can become a source of influence. Being an artist is not a 9 to 5 job. Your brain is constantly studying what you see. Sometimes it isn’t until a mural motif is complete do I realise where my inspiration came from.”


What does the future have in store for Natasha ? She would like to conceptualise more abstract work. “Before I only created figuatives works.  We always knew exactly what the subject was when looking at my illustrations. Over the last two years I have been exploring new parts of my brain.” she says with a smile.   


“I enjoy collaborating and exploring new styles and products with local businesses. Décor Imprimé offers the freedom to see where I end up when I allow my creativity to lead me.”


Natasha Prévost’s lighthearted approach to design has contributed to an impressive panoply of  mural designs in her online Décor Imprimé collection. She has a lovely selection of complementary products in her personal boutique where you will also find creations from fellow artists.