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Back-to-school: 4 great ways to use our chalkboard decals

Our product catalog contains wallpaper, canvas, wall decals and frosted films, but did you know that we also offer chalkboard stickers? The best part is that you can write on them with real chalk just like at school !

Since back to school is just around the corner, we wanted to share with you 4 easy and efficient ways to use our self-adhesive chalkboards. 

On the fridge to write the grocery list or menu for the week

Back-to-school means packing lunches and preparing supper ahead of time.  No matter if you are a family of 2 or a family of 6, organizing meals can quickly become a headache!

Remember to install our sticker Arlo in a visible location that's accessible to the whole family, like near the pantry, on the fridge or close to the lunch boxes. Everyone will be able to write down what they need for lunches and it will help you follow the menu for the week.

Sticker Arlo chalkboard | Décor Imprimé

This way, you may never again forget items on the grocery list and you may nevermore hear "What 's for supper ?"

Art in the playroom or homework

Not many students enjoy homework. All we can do as parents is try and make it as fun as possible.  It doesn't get much better than writing on the walls ! Our chalkboard decals are perfect for spelling words and math equations. 

wall decal chalkboard Kenzo | Décor Imprimé

Install the slate sticker Kenzo where your child does homework, in the playroom or in his or her room and make the homework routine more fun.

In the entry for the whole family

Chalkboards are a unique way to communicate with your family. They are a nice change from text messages and post-its left on the counter. 

Sticker slate Milo | Décor Imprimé

Install the chalkboard sticker Milo in the lobby to wish your partner a good day, to write down the Wi-Fi password for your guests or to remind your child to lock the door behind him.

Keep track of appointments and activities

Our days are jammed-pack and it is very easy to forget that dentist appointment you took 6 months ago ! Between piano lessons, swimming class, doctor appointments and tire changes, it can get difficult to keep track.

Sticker slate Cleo | Décor Imprimé

The chalkboard sticker Cleo will be your best ally to remember your entire schedule. Put it in your office or any place where everyone can see it. What we like about the sticker is that the squares are big enough for everyone's appointements !  Cleo

Whatever your needs, you will certainly find a sticker that suits you in our chalkboard decal collection.

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