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The Pantone colours of 2021 and how to integrate them into your decor

Author: Arianne Daoust-Hébert

Each year, Pantone, a company renowned for its infallible colour chart, identifies a colour that will influence trends in many sectors, including interior design, graphic design and fashion. 

For 2021, Pantone is generous and reveals TWOflagship colours! Find out what these colours of the year 2021 are, as well as tips and tricks for integrating them into your decor. 

The first colour, the PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray is a rather neutral, timeless grey. At first glance, this colour may seem monotonous and cold. However, in combination with the second Pantone colour of the year, it becomes clear why this one was chosen.

The second colour, the PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is a vibrant lemon yellow. According to Pantone, these two colours form a whole that "encompasses deep, delicate feelings with the promise of a sunny, caring future." Thus, grey inspires "feelings of serenity, stability and resilience," while yellow inspires "optimism, vitality and hope." (Pantone website).

In interior design, these colours may seem difficult to integrate.to integrate. Grey, used alone, can seem ugly and boring. Yellow, on the other hand, can be scary. Will it be too intense a colour? Will you quickly get tired of having this colour in your home? Here are 3 tips for incorporating the colours of 2021 into your décor:

1- Incorporate yellow in small doses

You don't have to paint all your walls yellow. By adding small accents, such as accessories (cushions, lamps), an armchair, a rug, a tablecloth, or even a tablecloth, you can make your walls more attractive. wall decalor even a wallpaperBy adding small accents, such as accessories (cushions, lamps), an armchair, a carpet, a rug, or even wallpaper, your décor will be brighter without being excessive.

Décor Imprimé - MIA sticker      Décor Imprimé - CHARLIE wallpaper     Décor Imprimé - Photo mural GRUSINII

2- Integrate several shades of grey

Rather than painting an entire wall grey, use several shades to create texture, movement and depth. A photograph or a concrete textured element can be interesting. 

Décor Imprimé - Reflection photo mural      Black foliage wallpaper - Décor Imprimé      Pinterest

3- Use colours in the right places

Yellow, with its vibrancy, will make a kitchen, a playroom or a gym very lively. For grey, use it in the bedroom, living room or reading area to encourage rest and calm.

 Décor Imprimé - Louise wallpaper      Moor photo mural - Décor Imprimé      Pinterest

For more ideas, check out our Pinterest account. We have created a board inspiration board to collect the best ideas for using Pantone 2021 colours!

Source: https://www.pantone.com/eu/fr/color-of-the-year-2021

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