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Wallpaper: The solution to recreating natural materials

Let's get into context…..

You are beginning a kitchen renovation. You have pinned all your favorite designs on Pinterest and are finally ready to move to the next step. You start researching the materials you want and quickly come to the realization that the marble backsplash that you fell in love with is way over your budget ! 

It doesn’t come as a surprise that natural materials like marble, concrete, wood, granite and many options of ceramic are very expensive, not readily available and often hard to get your hands on. SO NOW WHAT ? How are you ever going to recreate the look of the sleek and refined kitchen you fell in love with without the marble backsplash ?

Keep reading. This article will help.

Wallpaper is not what it used to be. Any natural material can be printed with a quality that has never been seen before. Not only will opting for wallpaper solve your concerns about going over budget, it allows you to have any finish that you want. Your dream kitchen will not depend on the granite available or the backorder on terrazzo tiles. You can literally have anything you want. It is lightweight, so it can be installed anywhere including campers and RV’s and it is easy to install yourself.


Concrete is indispensable in almost any industrial design. It is difficult and messy to reproduce with alternative materials like plaster and paint. A mural of concrete may be the perfect solution. You can pick the exact image you want and your hands never get dirty !

Self-adhesive wallPaper Betty | Décor Imprimé

Self-adhesive wallPaper Betty


Noble, classic and very expensive ! Marble can be easily replicated and printed for a fraction of the price. There is an infinite choice of colours and patterns so you can create that perfect backsplash or accent wall. Only your imagination will limit you.

Self-adhesive wallPaper Livia | Décor ImpriméSelf-adhesive wallPaper Alexandre | Décor ImpriméSelf-adhesive wallPaper Roméo | Décor ImpriméSelf-adhesive wallPaper Kalum | Décor Imprimé


Wallpaper with wood print can be perfect for so many decor projects ! Whether it’s to refinish a piece of furniture, create a focal point behind your bed or to apply at the back of a shelf, wood is and always will be timeless. Our Zola wallpaper will create a sense of height with its thin wooden slats. 

Self-adhesive wallPaper Zola | Décor Imprimé


A complex element to install in an indoor space, in addition to being very heavy, brick remains an essential element to create a warm decor. The wallpaper Deborah, will be perfect in a farmhouse style decor while Nathan will make an impression in a masculine space.

Self-adhesive wallPaper Deborah | Décor Imprimé
Self-adhesive wallPaper Nathan | Décor Imprimé


A ceramic backsplash is a classic. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures, ceramic tiles have become a reflex when choosing a kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

Sometimes space, time and know-how can get in the way of this choice of wall covering. A laminated wallpaper is the perfect alternative.

Laminated backsplash is a self-adhesive wallpaper that has been laminated with a matte or a glossy film to protect the ink from frequent washing or staining.

Whether it is to revive your 70’s inspired RV or to revamp your cottage, laminated self-adhesive wallpaper is a great option when recreating the look of natural materials.

Self-adhesive wallPaper Porcelaine | Décor ImpriméSelf-adhesive wallPaper Luc | Décor Imprimé

Self-adhesive wallPaper Franklin | Décor Imprimé

Many options of natural finishes are available. Don’t let your budget keep you from having the kitchen of your dreams.

To see our collection of wallpapers that can create a natural look without breaking the bank, click here.

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