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The creative process of our artists

Creating a mural or wallpaper design involves a complex process. At Décor Imprimé, we take care to select talented Quebec artists for original and inspiring creations. Two of our artists talk about their research, their inspiration and their creative process.

Creating a Mural: Joanie's Process (Vingt-six Juin)

Joanie Barriault, founder of the boutique Vingt-six juin, is a creator who works with jewellery as well as wall coverings. Watercolour, photography, polymer clay: she explores mediums in all their forms. For the creation of murals, Joanie uses a process based on a natural and playful approach. The result: foliage, sailboats and rainbows that dress up spaces with a touch that is both whimsical and discreet.

The artist confides

Joanie talks about the process of creating her murals. "My need to create is always there. The more I create, the more ideas I have. I even admit to keeping lists of projects to complete, as I have many more ideas than time to complete them!
The process of creating a mural or wallpaper often starts with an idea, an inspiration. Sometimes it's a colour, a pattern, an architecture or the shape of an object. I gather my ideas on paper and dive into the creation. It is not unusual for the original idea to evolve into a completely different result! »

Inspired murals and wallpapers

"My inspirations are rather organic and botanical. I am inspired by flowers and plant forms. Most of my digital illustrations are made with the Procreate application. I also use watercolour, a medium I am particularly fond of.

My collaboration with Décor Imprimé brings a different kind of visibility to what I offer in my shop, through their quality murals and wallpapers. It's a great way to showcase my illustrations and to offer my customers a different way to decorate their walls.


To discover the world of Joanie Barriault:

Natasha Prévost: murals with an intense creative process

Reflecting on the process of creating her murals, Natasha admits that it is particularly fragmented. "I explore a lot of different styles and I never go down the same path. I rarely know what I'm going to draw before I start, unless I have an idea and even then I improvise a lot as I go. I'm a spontaneous person in general and I think that shines through in my art."

However, she has a well established three step modus operandi. "Small moodboard (not always), a few minutes of visualisation, execution with trial and error. My creative process for murals and other projects changes a bit if I'm working for a contract or just for fun. I visualise a lot more if I'm producing for someone.

I create almost exclusively on my graphics tablet, as it's really convenient. The colours are reliable and I don't lose quality by going through the scanning process. Also, it's fast. No need to get out the equipment, wash brushes... For a busy girl like me, it's a life saver. I wouldn't do without it! »

Infinite" inspired designs

Natasha thinks big when she talks about what drives her research. "My inspirations are endless... Everything becomes a source of influence. When you're an artist, it's not nine to five. Your brain is constantly recording what it sees. Sometimes it's not until I've completed the process of creating a mural or a piece of work that I realise where my inspiration comes from. "

And the future? Natasha admits that she is working more and more in the abstract style. "I used to just do figurative. You always knew what it was when you looked at my illustrations. For the past two years I've been exploring other parts of my brain," she smiles.

"I like working with different companies in terms of style and products. With Décor Imprimé, I have all the freedom I need to feel free. I can let my creativity go wherever I want.


Natasha Prévost is a prolific artist. You will find her numerous murals and wallpapers in the collection of Décor Imprimé. It also offers complementary products in her personal shop. You will also find the creations of other local artists.

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